Productivity Tips

  • Support your Supervisor in Lifting Productivity Levels

    Productivity can be defined as how efficiently we utilise inputs such as labour (workers) and capital to produce a higher amount of output (goods and services). It isa combination of intelligent planning and focused efforts.Staying productive at work or at home can be a challenge. Every time the work day ends, odds are that you are not satisfied with what you have accomplished.  Thankfully, productivity can be continuously improved. Here is a productivity tip that may help. 

  • Understand Your Body's Timetable

    Even the most motivated person finds it hard to concentrate at certain times during the day. This is due to each individual having their own natural body rhythm. There are times during the day when we are at our most productive and times when it is difficult to focus.

  • Avoid FACEBOOK And Other Technological Distractions

    When you are trying to focus at work, all distractions are bad. Whilst some distractions cannot be avoided,some can be. Sadly,most office workers succumb to distractions that can easily be evaded. These distractions usually take the form of social media sites. Once visited, these sites lead to a loss of focus and zap away otherwise productive time.

  • Be A Part Of The Solution

    Productivity- how efficiently we utilise inputs such as labour (workers) and capital to produce a higher amount of output (goods and services). There are many ways that office productivity levels can be raised. A way in which each worker can help raisethe level of productivity within his or her institution is to

  • Improve on Writing Skills

    There are many ways in which productivity levels within the workplace can be increased. A method which is often overlooked is simply to:

  • Shorten Conversations

    We all wish to establish a good rapport with our co-workers, but we should never do so at the detriment of workplace productivity. When at work it should always be remembered that ‘work’ is what we are there to do.

  • Take Pride In Your Work

    There are always days when we feel disconnected from the tasks that lay ahead of us at work. These feelings can ultimately lead to a slump in productivity and the way that we function within a productive team. Thankfully there are ways to counteract these feelings and get back on track.

  • Plan The Day's Work In Writing

    Planning out the events of the day can help make it more productive. When time does not have to be spent thinking about the tasks that lie ahead, focus can be placed on completing each job with care and attention.

  • Break Long Tasks Into Smaller Segments

    Some tasks take up more time than others. It can sometimes be disheartening to be working on a project that seems never ending. When faced with such a task, some people lose motivation and focus. The end result being an unproductive mess.

  • Prioritise Daily Tasks

    A productive day can be seen as one in which all important tasks are concluded. Sometimes however, at the end of the day we are still left with an incomplete high priority project on our hands. When every moment of the day is spent hard at work and this is the outcome, the way in which our work is prioritised may have to be revisited.