The Board Members

Meet The Board / Council Members

The National Competitiveness and Productivity Council is made up of individuals from both the public and private sectors. This diverse group of people each attribute something different and thus due to their specialist fields, are able to bring something unique to the table.

They include,

Council Chair Rayneau Gajadhar

Members from the Private Sector

Prisca Eristhee-Delice

Eldon Serieux

Andre Chastnet



Members from Trade Unions/ civil Society

Solace Myers

Cyprian Montrope

Veronica Simon

Pat Payne

Joseph Alexander


Members from the Public Sector

Estellita Rene

Cletus Bertin

Facinta Louisy

Janai Leonce



Brian Lousiy

Noorani Azeez

John Calixte

Jacqueline Emmanuel - Flood